Think and Create


I'm interested in the information flow between websites to create revenue based on user actions. Particularly interested in PPC,CPA, and general affiliates methods to generate revenue. It is fascinating to think about how Google Adsense and Adwords started to create revenue for Google, and how they basically made money out of nothing!

High Dynamic Range Imaging and Lighting

I'm interested in photography and specifically HDR imaging. I've done a research on applications of HDR imaging in todays world and the possible uses of it. After researching, I found out the great advantage presented by using HDR imaging and lighting especially in video games.

Cloud Computing

After finishing my part time work with Hapara Ltd. My eyes were opened at the benefits provided through cloud computing. I worked with Google App Engine to create web applications on the cloud for enterprises. I'm interested in creating apps that run on the cloud because of the scalability advantages provided by the cloud.