Think and Create


  • Consumer Oriented Content Management System
I created a content management system from scratch using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and CSS/HTML. I decided to do so in order to learn how they work. At the time of making it (2 years ago!), Wordpress was the most popular CMS out there. My CMS has similar functionalities to Wordpress such as ability to change design easily, ability to add plugins, and it also has its own ad management system. The code base is still not finished, but will probably release a beta version soon.

  • Photo Tag Plugin
I modified an open source plugin that allows adding comments on photos by improving it to support multiple images and integrate it with a MySQL database. The code will be released as open source code once I finish refactoring the code.


  • Part IV Research Project
I created along with my partner an issue and project tracker aimed for university students as a replacement for Trac. Most university students come across team projects during their study at the university, we think the current free trackers out there do not target the student and are not intuitive for university students. Our new tracker is built on a framework of widgets that we made. This project was the prize winner in the Software Tools category for the 2011 projects at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland.
Source code can be found here (Github).  

Previous Work

Web Developer at Hapara    Mar 2010 - Nov 2010                                          

Worked as a Python developer to create Google apps for Enterprises using Google App Engine. Other responsibilities include: testing, documentation, and problem solving. This work was done concurrently with the University’s course work.

   Key accomplishments:

  • Implemented code for a product known as Access Manager that has a user base of over 46,000 users in more than 30 countries.

Research Assistant at the University of Auckland                Nov 2010 – Feb 2011    

Worked as a Java developer and a research assistant. The work involved creating a communication layer to support sending and receiving objects through the network.
   Key accomplishments:

  • Ported PDStore (A database system developed at the University of Auckland) to the Android platform.
  • Implemented JSON RPC to handle PDStore objects communications on the Android platform.

Teaching Assistant at the University of Auckland                 July 2011 – Nov 2011    

Working as a lab supervisor helping students with their projects in Software Engineering stage 3 team-project course. I also help with the marking of students’ projects.