Hi! My name is Mohammed (Mo). I am a software engineer grad. I do web development and Android development in my free time. I like to play sports such as Football and Tennis. I enjoy spending time making new stuff. I pay attention to aesthetics in everything in my life because I believe that first impressions are very important. Hence, I try to make everything I create look nice :). Oh I forgot to mention that I heart icon Batman xD.


I have worked on many projects mainly on web and application development. I recently (31st of Jan 2012) published my first Android app called Auckland Parking. I'm working full time with Orion Health (Jan 2012). I developed an open source issue tracker targetted to students which won an award from the University of Auckland (Sep. 2011) and a certificate of achievement from KOSSA (Nov. 2011). I developed my own content management system in 2009 using PHP and MySQL. I am an active member at Github and StackOverflow. For a full review of my past experience visit my LinkedIn page.


I use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. I like to browse art on deviantArt and watch interesting videos on Vimeo. you can contact me by e-mail at or send me a tweet on twitter @Burrewoo

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